Sunday, April 8, 2012

Using Picture Books

As I mentioned in earlier posts, my teammate and I are moving to self-contained classrooms next year (except for science and social studies) so I will be teaching reading for the first time in two years and for the first time without a basil reader (which is exciting and scary all at once!).

So after some conversations with my principal (who would love to go back to teaching if his wallet could afford it!) and after some inspirations from my fellow bloggers (particularly  Runde's Room with her use of "Dear Mrs. Larue") I want to use picture books as much as possible! First, who doesn't love a good picture book? I know I teach the "big kids," but even as an adult I enjoy a good picture book and I know the same will be true for my fifth graders. Second, I feel it will be a good way to introduce a new topic. For instance, if I wanted to work on making inferences, I would read a really good picture book that allows for a bunch of inferences through out.

Here's my issue: I have been teaching math and science in isolation for so long now, that I need HELP!! What are some good books that you have used to introduce particular skills, topics, themes, etc.? Or does anyone know of a good teacher's resource book that gives some suggestions??? I am not above stealing anyone's ideas! I promise that if I become enlightened on my own, I will share my ideas, too!

I hope everyone is having a good Easter (if you celebrate)!


Karen said...

I use all of Patrcia Pollaco books. I can teach every skill from them, and the kids love them.

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